Computing Challenges meeting (COMCHA)

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Vidyo Room

PIN CODE: 2222

    • 15:30 15:50
      Introduction & News. [COMCHA today:Tracking and reconstruction] 20m
      Speaker: Xabier Cid Vidal (USC - IGFAE)
    • 15:50 16:10
      Overview of TrackML challenge 20m
      Speaker: Brij Kishor JASHAL (IFIC)
    • 16:10 16:30
      Towards a full GPU High Level Trigger 1 at LHCb 20m
      Speaker: Daniel Campora (CERN)
    • 16:30 16:50
      ATLAS Inner Detector Track Based Alignment 20m
      Speaker: Salvador Marti Garcia (IFIC-Valencia (UV-CSIC))
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