Seminars IFIC

Confronting the neutralino and chargino sector of the NMSSM to the multi-lepton searches at the LHC

by Florian Domingo (U. Bonn, Phys. Inst., BCTP & Madrid, IFT & Cantabria Inst. of Phys)

1001-Baja-B-2 - Paterna. Sala de Juntas (IFIC)

1001-Baja-B-2 - Paterna. Sala de Juntas


Paterna (Valencia)

After a brief overview of current topics in NMSSM phenomenology, I will discuss the impact of the ATLAS and CMS leptonic searches for electrowikinos performed at the LHC with 8 as well as 13 TeV center-of-mass energy (using only the pre-2018 results) on the chargino and neutralino sector of the NMSSM. The purpose consists in analyzing the actual reach of these searches for a full model and in emphasizing effects beyond the MSSM that affect their performance. To this end, several scenarios targeting specific features of the NMSSM electrowikino sector are considered and tested against collider constraints implemented in the public tool Checkmate. The presence of intermediate Higgs singlets or singlino-like particles can indeed modify the naive MSSM-like picture, typically inducing less-easily identifiable final states (tau or b pairs with low invariant masses or soft leptons).

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