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Severo Ochoa Seminar: From charm mesons to doubly-charm baryons

by Feng-Kun Guo (Beijing, GUCAS & Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.)

Seminar Room, 1.1.1 (IFIC)

Seminar Room, 1.1.1


Paterna (Valencia)

Understanding the hadron spectrum is one of the premier challenges in particle 
physics. For a long time, the quark model has served as an ordering scheme and brought systematics into the hadron zoo. However, many new hadrons that were observed since 2003, including the lowest-lying positive-parity charm-strange mesons Ds0(2317) and Ds1(2460),  do not conform with quark model expectations. In this talk, I will explain how various puzzles in the spectrum of the positive-parity charm mesons find a natural resolution using inputs from chiral dynamics and lattice QCD. I will show that there should be two scalar charm mesons instead of the D0(2400) listed in the Review of Particle Physics, and demonstrate that such a scenario is fully consistent with recent high quality data on the B -> D pi pi provided by the LHCb experiment.  By using an approximate symmetry, I will then make predictions on the spectrum of negative-parity doubly charm baryons.

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