Computing Challenges meeting (COMCHA)

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    • 15:00 15:10
      Introduction: Reconstruction algorithms 10m
      Speaker: Luca Fiorini (IFIC / U. Valencia)
    • 15:10 15:15
      Short summary of the meeting "LHC Computing GRID Spain: present and future" 5m
      Speaker: JOSE SALT (IFIC)


      COMPUTING CHALLENGES MEETING ( 10th October 2018):


      Short summary of the meeting "LHC Computing GRID Spain: present status and future”

      José F. Salt Cairols -  IFIC

      22nd September 2018 – CSIC Madrid

      Objective of the meeting:

      To have a meeting between the main researchers / responsables for the projects of LHC Computing GRID Spain and  the new ‘FPA’  Management Team (Gestor del Programa Nacional)  in order to inform about  the present status and to discuss about the future.   The LHC Computing GRID projects will request next year (2019)

      • Attendance: all the T1 and T2 sites IP’s or responsables :

                  CIEMAT, PIC,  UAM, IFAE, IFCA, IFIC, UB, USC

      • Present situation: presentation of the sites


      • COMCHA:
        • Note: COMCHA initiative/forum was mentioned with positive comments -> try to have a kind of convergence to request the ‘Computing & Software Spanish Nertwork’ -> to think about
      • Discussion:
        • How to face with the new computing challenges in HL-LHC  ( mostly from the Infrastructure/Equipment point of view)
        • Usage of resources: HPC, Cloud, GPU, etc



      List of Actions:


      • Usage of  HPC Resources/Infrastructure
        • Coordination with the RES (Red Española de Supercomputación)
        • Meeting with BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
          • Preparation of a 4 sides Meeting between: Ministry / FPA Research Management /  LCG-Spain / BSC /  to expose needs and coordination.
      • To  incorpórate RedIRIS  in the discussion of the future plans to as infrastructure (ICTS) that provides the update of the Network.
      • To prepare a document on LHC Computing for the coming years that can be used for the preparation of projects next year (I have called it 'Internal MoU' of the Community 'LHC Computing GRID Spain') Deadline: prepared by the end of December 2018.
      • LHC  Computing y EU Strategic Plan de HEP y Red de Computing:
        • 2nd ‘round’ of the EU Strategic Plan in X  CPAN Days in  Salamanca : to send some input (¿)
        • to create and establish a  ‘Network of LHC Computing Spain’  (to search for instruments/ opportunities to materialize it)
      • Set a new meeting of the LHC Computing GRID Spain in 4-5 weeks after this




    • 15:15 15:35
      Downstream Reconstructions techniques at LHCb 20m
      Speaker: Louis Henry (IFIC)
    • 15:35 15:55
      Track reconstruction in ATLAS 20m
      Speakers: Jose Enrique Garcia Navarro (IFIC (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular)), Salvador Marti Garcia (IFIC-Valencia (UV-CSIC))
    • 15:55 16:15
      R-Trees 20m
      Speaker: Albert Pernía Vázquez (La Salle Campus Barcelona URL)
    • 16:15 16:35
      Trigger Reconstruction Algorithms at LHCb 20m
      Speaker: Miguel Ramos Pernas (LHCb experiment)
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