Computing Challenges meeting (COMCHA)

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 - 15:00
Virtual (Vidyo URL:)

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10 Oct 2018
15:00 Introduction: Reconstruction algorithms - Luca Fiorini (IFIC / U. Valencia)   (Vidyo URL:)
15:10 Short summary of the meeting "LHC Computing GRID Spain: present and future" - JOSE SALT (IFIC)   (Vidyo URL:)
15:15 Downstream Reconstructions techniques at LHCb - Louis Henry (IFIC)   (Vidyo URL:)
15:35 Track reconstruction in ATLAS - Salvador Marti Garcia (IFIC-Valencia (UV-CSIC)) Jose Enrique Garcia Navarro (IFIC (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular))   (Vidyo URL:)
15:55 R-Trees - Albert Pernía Vázquez (La Salle Campus Barcelona URL)   (Vidyo URL:)
16:15 Trigger Reconstruction Algorithms at LHCb - Miguel Ramos Pernas (LHCb experiment)   (Vidyo URL:)
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