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The search for neutrinoless double beta decay with GERDA

por Chloe Ransom (University of Zurich)

1001-Baja-B-2 - Paterna. Sala de Juntas (Universe)

1001-Baja-B-2 - Paterna. Sala de Juntas


Paterna (Valencia)

The observation of the hypothetical process of neutrinoless double beta decay (0nbb) would demonstrate lepton-number violation for the first time and give insight into the origin and absolute scale of neutrino masses. The GERDA experiment searches for 0nbb of Ge-76 at LNGS, operating 36 kg of enriched germanium diodes that act simultaneously as both source and detector. In summer 2018, with an exposure of 58.9 kg yr, the sensitivity of GERDA to the 0nbb half-life exceeded 1e26 yr, the first 0nbb experiment to do so, with a new limit of 9.1e25 yr. The experiment, as well as results and analysis from this data release will be presented.

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