Seminars IFIC

Interacting neutrinos in cosmology

by Isabel Oldengott (University of Valencia & IFIC)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica (Campus Burjassot)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica

Campus Burjassot

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) anisotropies have been 
providing useful insights into neutrino physics in the past decade. This 
naturally arises the questions whether we can also test non-standard 
neutrino interactions using cosmological observations. After an 
introduction to cosmological perturbation theory, I present the 
Boltzmann hierarchy for neutrinos including self-interactions mediated 
by a massive scalar. Such interactions appear, for example, in 
majoron-like models of neutrino mass generation. I furthermore show the 
induced signal in the CMB angular power spectrum and compare our results 
to the approaches by others. Finally, I present constraints on the 
neutrino coupling, derived from a MCMC analysis of the Planck 2015 data.
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