Computer tools in particle physics (Master and PhD course)

Sala audiovisuales, Nave Exp. (IFIC)

Sala audiovisuales, Nave Exp.



The University of Valencia, in collaboration with IFIC, organizes this Master and PhD course that will be given by Avelino Vicente, IFIC (UV-CSIC)

Content of the course: 
Introduction to the following tools:

  • SPheno
  • micrOMEGAs
  • MadGraph

Material and required programs:
This will be a hands-on course where all participants are encouraged to run all codes in their own laptops. The only required programas are Mathematica, a LaTeX compiler and Fortran 90 and C++ compilers. For information on the software and downloads please visit the webpage Avelino Vicente has created for this course:

Please register if you wish to attend (address or telephone are not required)

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