Statistics and Particle Physics (Master and PhD course)

ICMOL seminar room -ground floor- (Parc Cientific UV)

ICMOL seminar room -ground floor-

Parc Cientific UV


The University of Valencia organizes this Master and PhD course that will be given by Wouter Verkerke, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Please register if you wish to attend (address or telephone are not required). 

Lectures are scheduled in the morning and the afternoon will be dedicated to hands-on with computer-based exercises.

The hands-on exercises in the afternoon will be all based on ROOT and will also include the occasional use of TMVA and RooFit to demonstrate specific issues. To be able to efficiently participate in these excercises students should have installed it on their laptop. The recommended version to use is

       ROOT 6.08/06

       For students that really insist on using ROOT 5, -> ROOT 5.34/36 or higher.


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