2-9 July 2014
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

Prompt photon associated with jet photoproduction at HERA in the parton Reggeization approach

4 Jul 2014, 16:00
Sala 3+4 ()

Sala 3+4

Oral presentation Strong Interactions and Hadron Physics Strong Interactions and Hadron Physics


Mr. Maxim Nefedov (Samara State University)


We study the photoproduction of isolated prompt photons associated with jets in the framework of the parton Reggeization approach. The data on pseudorapidity and transverse momentum distributions of the photon and jet, obtained by H1 and ZEUS Collaborations at DESY HERA, are described with the good accuracy, as well, as the data on azimuthal decorrelation variables. The main improvements of the present calculation, with respect to the previous studies in the kT - factorization framework, are the usage of Reggeized quarks formalism, to provide exactly gauge- invariant amplitudes with off-shell initial state quarks, and the first exact treatment of the γR → γg box contribution with off-shell initial state gluons.

Primary author

Mr. Maxim Nefedov (Samara State University)


Prof. Berndt Kniehl (II. Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Universit ̈t Hamburg,) Prof. Vladimir Saleev (Samara State University)

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