2-9 July 2014
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

The NESSiE way for sterile neutrinos

4 Jul 2014, 15:45
Auditorium 3B ()

Auditorium 3B

Oral presentation Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics


Dr. Luca Stanco (INFN - Padova)


Neutrino physics is nowadays receiving more and more attention as a possible source of infor- mation for the long–standing problem of new physics beyond the Standard Model. The recent measurement of the third mixing angle θ13 in the standard mixing oscillation scenario encourages us to pursue the still missing results on leptonic CP violation and absolute neutrino masses. However, several puzzling measurements exist, which deserve an exhaustive evaluation. The NESSiE Collaboration has been setup to undertake a definitive experiment to clarify the muon disappearance measurements at small L/E, which will be able to put severe constraints to any model with more than the three-standard neutrinos, or even to robustly measure the presence of a new kind of neutrino oscillation for the first time. To this aim the use of the current FNAL–Booster neutrino beam has been carefully evaluated. The need for at least two sites, Near and Far, carried on an extensive study on their positions, together with the performances of two OPERA–like spectrometers. This proposal is constrained by availability of existing hardware and a time–schedule compatible with the CERN project for a new more performant neutrino beam, which will nicely extend the physics results achievable at the Booster. The experiment to be possibly setup at Booster will allow to clarify the current νμ disappearance tension with νe appearance and disappearance at the eV mass scale. Instead, the new CERN beam will allow a further span in the parameter space together with a refined control of systematics and, more relevant, the measurement of the antineutrino sector, by upgrading the spectrometer with detectors currently under R&D study.

Primary author

Dr. Luca Stanco (INFN - Padova)

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