2-9 July 2014
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

The impact of power corrections on B-->K^* mu mu observables

5 Jul 2014, 16:30
Sala 3+4 ()

Sala 3+4

Oral presentation Flavour Physics Flavour Physics


Dr. Lars Hofer (IFAE Barcelona)


The exclusive decay B-->K^* mu mu has gained a lot of attention because the recent LHCb angular analysis has indicated significant deviations from the Standard Model which could be interpreted as a possible first signal of new physics. The sensitivity of theory predictions to hadronic input parameters can be minimized be choosing an optimized set of observables. On the other hand, non-perturbative Lambda_QCD/mb power corrections introduce a source of uncertainty for theory predictions as they cannot be calculated from first principles. In my talk I will present a systematic approach to estimate factorizable power corrections and discuss their impact on angular observables.

Primary authors

Dr. Javier Virto (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - IFAE) Prof. Joaquim Matias (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) Dr. Lars Hofer (IFAE Barcelona) Dr. Sébastien Descotes-Genon (LPT Orsay (CNRS/Univ. Paris-Sud 11))

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