2-9 July 2014
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

Study of B->K(*)mu+mu- decays at CMS experiment

5 Jul 2014, 16:00
Sala 3+4 ()

Sala 3+4

Oral presentation Flavour Physics Flavour Physics


Dr. Kajari Mazumdar (TIFR - EHEP, India)


Measurements of rare B meson decay properties provide an alternative approach to direct searches for physics beyond the Standard Model. These decays, which proceed through flavor-changing neutral currents, can have interferences from new physics through loop diagrams. In particular, the angular distribution of the decay B to K(*) mu+mu- can be measured as a function of the square of the dimuon invariant mass, an excellent probe to possible new physics scenarios. This talk presents the forward-backward asymmetries of the muons, the K* longitudinal polarization fractions and the differential branching fractions, measured with data recorded by the CMS experiment.

Primary author

Arnd Meyer (RWTH Aachen University)

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