2-9 July 2014
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

Optimization of a detector for the ILC

5 Jul 2014, 09:00
Auditorium 3B ()

Auditorium 3B

Oral presentation Detector RD and Performance Detector RD and Performance


Dr. Taikan Suehara (Kyushu University)


The two detector concepts for the International Linear Collider, SiD and ILD, were described in the Detailed Baseline Design documents, which are part of the ILC Technical Design Report. These designs represented a large body of work on detector prototyping and physics studies. Together, these studies established the feasibility of constructing these detectors to address the full range of the ILC physics program. After the discovery of the Higgs particle at CERN many of the requirements for a detector at the ILC have been sharpened. In addition, as work has continued to carry prototyping work into realistic sections of the future detectors, opportunities for improvement and optimization have naturally arisen both in terms of physics performance and cost. Such opportunities are also enhanced by the further development of advanced technologies. This talk will focus on these opportunities with examples from vertex detectors, the main tracking systems, and the electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters from both SiD and ILD.

Primary authors

Prof. Andy White (U. Texas at Arlington) Marcel Stanitzki (DESY) Ties Behnke (DESY)

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