24-25 June 2013
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)
Europe/Madrid timezone

A non-invasive gamma-camera for 3D imaging

24 Jun 2013, 11:45
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)

Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)

Thomas Alva Edison, 7 Parque Tecnológico Cartuja'93 41092 Sevilla SPAIN


Dr. Cesar Domingo-Pardo (IFIC (CSIC-University of Valencia))


I will present a novel concept for 3D gamma-ray imaging[1], which is based on the principle of positron annihilation Compton scattering. The proposed device comprises a positron source, which is placed outside of the object under study. One of the 511 keV gamma-rays is registered directly in one detection plane (a position sensitive gamma-ray detector), whereas the second 511 keV annhilation gamma-ray undergoes a Compton scattering in the object to be imaged, and is simultaneously detected (in time-coincidence) by means of a second position and energy sensitive gamma-ray detector (orthogonal to the former detector). A proof-of-concept prototype for such 3D gamma-ray camera is being developed at IFIC. The primary aim of such device is the spatial characterization of the electrical response of highly-segmented semiconductor germanium detectors. Once characterized, these germanium detectors can be used for high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy and nuclear structure studies. However, provided that the detection sensitivity of the 3D camera is sufficiently high, one could find another implementations, such as e.g. non-invasive industrial or geological diagnostics, as well as for security inspection of concealed items. [1] C. Domingo-Pardo, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A, 675, 123-132 (2012).
Oral or poster presentation Oral

Primary author

Dr. Cesar Domingo-Pardo (IFIC (CSIC-University of Valencia))

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