24-25 June 2013
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)
Europe/Madrid timezone

R&D activities of CIEMAT’s Nuclear Innovation Unit

24 Jun 2013, 13:15
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)

Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)

Thomas Alva Edison, 7 Parque Tecnológico Cartuja'93 41092 Sevilla SPAIN


Dr. Daniel Cano Ott (CIEMAT)


The Nuclear Innovation Unit is a research group devoted to has the mission of contributing to the development of advanced nuclear fuel cycles which will facilitate the nuclear waste management and improve the sustainability of nuclear fission as an energy source, including the design of advanced reactors and accelerator driven systems (ADS). The main technological capabilities of the group will be presented at the time of the workshop: - Calculation of complete electronuclear energy production schemes, including waste management scenarios with reprocessing and cost estimates. - Advanced Monte Carlo simulations with MCNPX and GEANT4 for the design of neutron and γ -ray shielding and facilities with neutron sources. - Design and characterisation of neutron and γ -ray detectors. - Design and construction of digital data acquisition systems. An overview of the different R&D projects with technological impact in which the research group is involved will be given as well.
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Primary author

Dr. Daniel Cano Ott (CIEMAT)

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