Colloquia IFIC

Conversaciones (im)POSIBLES. Of Neutrality: Science, innovation and the politics of future

by Dr. Vincenzo Pavone (Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos, Madrid)

Salón de Actos (PCUV)

Salón de Actos


Edificio de Cabecera, First Floor

Conversaciones (im)POSIBLES

We are used to think that technologies are neutral and that it all depends on how they are used. However, what if we need to think again? What if all technologies and innovations come with politics embedded? Through a thought provoking review of the most cutting edge technologies in climate change, agro-biotechnology and assisted reproduction techniques, this talk will guide you through the contribution of Science and Technologies Studies (STS) to current  debates on the concepts (and politics) of neutrality, progress, and future in the field of science and innovation. Tomorrow, entering your lab may no longer be the same. 



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