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IFIC Seminar: CP violation in heavy mesons decays

by Dr. Patricia Camargo Magalhaes (UCM)

SS.6 Seminar Room (Sotano) (Universe)

SS.6 Seminar Room (Sotano)



Precision CP violation (CPV) measurements are widely recognised as a highly sensitive probe of the Standard Model with new sources needed to account for the mater-antimatter asymmetry observed in the Universe. There is a long-term discussion involving the source of the strong phase needed to generate direct CPV in charmless B and D decays.
I will show that the final state interactions (FSI) can be the source needed to explain some observed asymmetries in $B \to hhh$ ($h= \pi, K$). I will also show in more detail a recent result where with FSI and CPT symmetry constrain, one can enhance the charge-parity (CP) violation difference between  $D^0\to\pi^-\pi^+$ and $D^0\to K^-K^+$ decays up to the current experimental value recently observed by the LHCb collaboration. 

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