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se-fis-med: Particle accelerators in medical physics: High-Gradient studies

by Pablo Martinez Reviriego (IFIC-(Universitat de Valencia,CSIC))

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Medical Physics Seminar - Seminario de Física Médica

Title: Particle accelerators in medical physics: High-Gradient studies.

Author: Pablo Martínez Reviriego, PhD student

Affiliation: IFIC/CSIC.

Summary: Particle accelerators play a fundamental role in medical physics both in diagnosis and treatments, they are used to generate radioisotopes involved in medical imaging or X-rays beams for radiotherapy among others. Great efforts are being made in the field of accelerator research in order to develop machines that allow more precise treatments and new techniques. At the High-Power RF laboratory at IFIC, we focus our work in the field of High-Gradient accelerating cavities for the development of compact Linear Accelerators for hadrontherapy treatments. Linear accelerators show a series of advantages against circular machines. However, due to its largeness, current linear accelerators are not suitable for hadrontherapy treatments in hospitals. High-Gradient technology is a possible solution for this problem. Nevertheless, there are some non-linear effects that appear at high electric fields, such as electron field emission or RF Breakdowns, which have to be overtaken before this technology can be transferred to hospitals.

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