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se-fis-med: AI imaging and statistics for medical applications

by Kiko Albiol (CSIC)

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Medical Physics Seminar - Seminario de Física Médica

Title: AI imaging and statistics for  medical applications.

Author: Kiko Albiol, PhD

Affiliation: IFIC/CSIC.

Summary: Data analysis and statistics are part of the routine tools for a large number of science domains including Particle Physics. In particular, artificial intelligence and statistical learning are becoming part of innovative tools for daily health management. This talk is focused on the experience of the research group on healthcare data information, medical imaging and risk stratification models, and the main areas where we are currently focusing and applying these tools, as well as the main research lines associated with this experience, including diagnosis, risk assessment and radiotherapy support.


Online link: The room access code will be sent per e-mail.


Organized by

Ana Ros y Fernando Hueso

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