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IFIC Seminar: A road from Dark Matter phenomenology to Artificial Intelligence

by Bryan Zaldivar (IFIC UV-CSIC)

1001-Primera-135 - Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales (IFIC)

1001-Primera-135 - Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales



Last ten years there has been a great excitement about looking for physics beyond the Standard Model, where Dark Matter has played an important role. However, in spite of all the efforts both from the theory as well as from the experimental side, there is still no conclusive evidence for new physics. Leaving aside an intrinsically subjective search for a theoretical roadmap, is there anything else we can do? In this talk I will try to motivate the audience about getting closer to data, and look for artificial intelligence methods in order to exploit data as much as possible. Shall new physics be elusive, these strategies are designed to make (at least more) sure we'll spot it!


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