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IFIC Experimental Seminar: X-ray bursts: nucleosynthesis along the N=Z line at CERN-ISOLDE

by Dr. Enrique Nacher (Instituto de Física Corpuscular - CSIC)

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Nucleosynthesis in Type I X-ray bursts (XRB) proceeds eventually through the rp-process near the proton drip-line. Astrophysical calculations of XRB light curves depend upon the theoretical modelling of the beta decays of interest, with the N=Z: 64Ge, 68Se, 72Kr, 76Sr being key nuclei in this context. Several such theoretical calculations have shown that, in these high-density and high-temperature scenarios, continuum electron capture and decay rates from excited states play an important role, in particular for nuclear species at and around the waiting-point nuclei. In this presentation I will introduce the basics of the XRBs and the rp-process, and will show how we measure the beta decay of the key N=Z waiting point nuclei and their N=Z+2 second-neighbours, with the main goal of determining the B(GT) distribution for these decays. These measurements provide a benchmark for testing and constraining models under terrestrial conditions that are used later for predictions in stellar environments.

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