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se-fis-med: Recycling nuclear physics detectors from CERN and FAIR for medical imaging and proton-therapy

by Dr. Enrique Nacher (Instituto de Física Corpuscular - CSIC)

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Medical Physics Seminar - Seminario de Física Médica

Title: Recycling nuclear physics detectors from CERN and FAIR for medical imaging and proton-therapy.

Author: Enrique Nacher, PhD

Affiliation: IFIC


Proton therapy, in contrast with conventional radiotherapy, is a technique that uses proton beams instead of X-rays as ionising radiation. This has proved to have a far higher selectivity, what makes it ideal for the treatment of localised tumours in highly sensitive areas. So far, treatment planning systems at proton therapy centres use X-ray tomography as the primary imaging to calculate doses to tumour and healthy tissues. The systematic errors in the conversion of X-ray attenuation coefficients to relative proton stopping powers lead to large proton-range uncertainties and higher dose delivery to healthy tissues. One way to avoid this is to scan the area using proton computed tomography instead. In this presentation, I will show you how we have recycled some detectors and prototypes that have been used at CERN and FAIR so far, to construct a proton-CT scanner that has already produced pre-clinical images.

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Ana Ros y Fernando Hueso

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