Seminars IFIC

Red LHC webinar: B-Flavour Anomalies: status of global fits, next steps and a new non-leptonic anomaly

by Joaquim Matias (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)




In this talk Dr. Joaqim Matias will present a comprehensive diagnosis on the b→sℓℓ semileptonic B-flavour anomalies, the status of the global fits for b→sℓℓ transitions and the main conclusions, as well as, a link between neutral and charged anomalies. He will briefly give a glance into the future to see what can be relevant to look experimentally. He will mention a new set of S-wave observables.

Finally, he will discuss a very promising new B-flavour anomaly in the non-leptonic sector that can open a different window on new physics.

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