B-Flavour Anomalies: status of global fits, next steps and a new non-leptonic anomaly

by Joaquim Matias (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)




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The decay of a B0 meson into a K*0 and an electron–positron pair in the LHCb detector, which is used for a sensitive test of lepton universality in the Standard Model[ABSTRACT]

In this talk Dr. Joaqim Matias will present a comprehensive diagnosis on the b→sℓℓ semileptonic B-flavour anomalies, the status of the global fits for b→sℓℓ transitions and the main conclusions, as well as, a link between neutral and charged anomalies. He will briefly give a glance into the future to see what can be relevant to look experimentally. He will mention a new set of S-wave observables.

Finally, he will discuss a very promising new B-flavour anomaly in the non-leptonic sector that can open a different window on new physics.



Dr. Joachim Matias[BIO] Dr. Joaquim Matias (Barcelona, 1967) is Full Professor at UAB and  he has been awarded with the ICREA Academia Prize (2018-2024) for his research that lead to the identification of the “B-flavour anomalies". He obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics in 1995 at UB. He spent five years as postdoctoral researcher at Dip. Fisica Galileo Galilei (Padova), SISSA (Trieste), TH-Division at CERN and ITP (Aachen). He got  a Marie Curie Fellowship, Ramon y Cajal and I3. He has been appointed as an Expert for the REA, ERC, SNSF, UK Research Council, ANR, FWF and ANEP. He is Scientific Guarantor of IFAE’s Severo Ochoa. He gave + 100 talks, organized 9 conferences and published outreach at journals like Inference (S. Glashow).

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