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Webinar: Probing the Neutrino Mass Mechanism with the CMB

by Samuel J. Witte (IFIC)

retransmitted from IFIC seminar room, 1.1.1 (Online)

retransmitted from IFIC seminar room, 1.1.1


Paterna (Valencia)

I will present recent work investigating the extent to which the CMB can serve
as an indirect probe of neutrino mass models that contain a light neutrino-philic
goldstone boson (or bosons). As a specific example I will focus the case where the type-I seesaw mechanism is realized from the spontaneous breaking of a global B-L symmetry, the pseudo goldstone boson here being identified as the majoron. I will show that current observations by Planck allow one to constrain symmetry breaking scales as high as ~ 1 TeV for majoron masses near the ~ eV scale. I will then discuss the current status of the so-called Hubble tension, and show that the present of a light majoron can help ameliorate this outstanding discrepancy.

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