Seminars IFIC

PETALO: a Positron Emission Tomography Apparatus with Liquid xenOn.

by Paola Ferrario (DIPC-Ikerbasque)

Seminar room 1-1-1 (IFIC)

Seminar room 1-1-1


Paterna (Valencia)
Liquid xenon has attractive features, which make it suitable for applications to nuclear medicine, such as high scintillation yield and fast scintillation decay time. Moreover, being a continuous medium with uniform response, liquid xenon allows one to avoid most of the geometrical distortions of conventional detectors based on pixelized scintillating crystals. In this talk, I'll describe how these properties have motivated the development of a novel concept for positron emission tomography scanners with Time-Of-Flight measurement, which combines a liquid xenon scintillating volume and silicon photomultipliers for the readout (PETALO). I will also review the status of the PETALO project, whose first prototype is being built at IFIC.