Seminars IFIC

Parton transverse-momentum distributions in electro-production and e+e- annihilation

by Prof. Gunar Schnell (U. Pais Vasco/IkerBasque)

Seminar Room, 1.1.1 (IFIC)

Seminar Room, 1.1.1


Paterna (Valencia)

Transverse-momentum distributions of partons both in the nucleon and in the hadronization process have gained enormous attention during the past two decades. They go beyond the traditional picture of collinearly moving partons and allow for a three-dimensional picture of hadrons and hadronization and for a rich phenomenology of partonic spin-momentum correlations. Transverse-momentum distributions have been extensively studied in lepton-nucleon scattering, in particular the so-called Sivers and Collins effects. However, lately they also have become subject of investigations in e+e- annihilation, especially with the large data set of Belle. In this talk, results from the HERMES experiment on lepton-nucleon scattering as well as from Belle, BaBar and BESIII on e+e- annihilation will be discussed.

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