Colloquia IFIC

The quantum black hole as a theoretical laboratory

by Prof. Gerard 't Hooft (Universiteit Utrecht)

Auditorio Marie Curie (Parc Científic)

Auditorio Marie Curie

Parc Científic


Attempts to reconcile Einstein’s General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics are seriously hampered by the unavailability of direct experimental measurements. Instead, we propose to use the theoretical concept of a quantised black hole to check existing theories. Our point is that gravitational collapse must lead to the theoretical existence of black holes everywhere in the mass range from a few Planck masses to astronomical mass values. As will be explained further in the lecture, investigating how General Relativity together with Quantum Mechanics have to be applied here,  may help us towards formulating new principles in physics.

On Tuesday 13th at 19:00, Prof. 't Hooft will also deliver a public talk at the Museum of Science with the title "What happens with your free will in a quantum mechanical universe?" To attend the talk at the Museum, please register here

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