12-14 December 2018
Casa de la Ciencia del CSIC
Europe/Madrid timezone

Exploring dark matter, neutrino mass and R_K* anomalies in L_\mu - L_\tau model

12 Dec 2018, 11:30


Prof. Rukmani Mohanta (University of Hyderabad)


We investigate Majorana dark matter in a new variant of $U(1)_{L_\mu-L_\tau}$ gauge extension of Standard Model, where the scalar sector is enriched with an inert doublet and a $(\bar{3},1,1/3)$ scalar leptoquark. We compute the WIMP-nucleon cross section in leptoquark portal and the relic density mediated by inert doublet components, leptoquark and the new $Z^\prime$ boson. We constrain the parameter space consistent with PLANCK limit on relic density, PICO-60 and LUX bounds on spin-dependent direct detection cross section. Furthermore, we constrain the new couplings from the present experimental data from flavour sector such as $Br (\tau \to \mu \nu_\tau \bar \nu_\mu)$, $B_s-\bar{B_s}$ mixing etc, which occur at one-loop level in the presence of $Z^\prime$ and leptoquark. Using the allowed parameter space, we estimate the lepton non-universality parameters $R_K^*$ and $R_\phi$. We also briefly discuss about the neutrino mass generation at one-loop level.

Primary author

Prof. Rukmani Mohanta (University of Hyderabad)

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