Seminars IFIC

21cm intensity mapping and cosmological models

by Isabella Carucci (UCL)

Nave exp. Sala Audiovisuales (IFIC)

Nave exp. Sala Audiovisuales


Paterna (Valencia)

The nature of the most abundant components of the   Universe, dark energy and dark matter, is still to be uncovered. I   will tackle this subject considering a novel cosmological probe:  the  neutral hydrogen emitted 21cm radiation, observed with the  intensity  mapping (IM) technique. In the first part of the talk,  I will  present the 21cm IM, i.e. what kind of signal it is, how  we can  model it and what its observational status is. I?ll then  present  competitive and realistic dark energy and dark matter  scenarios  (modelled with hydrodynamic and NBody simulations) and  show how they  produce distinctive and detectable effects on the  21cm signal,  presenting forecasts for the Square Kilometre Array.

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