Scientific Python (Master and PhD Course)

ICMOL seminar room 0.8 -ground floor- (Scientific Park UV)

ICMOL seminar room 0.8 -ground floor-

Scientific Park UV


The University of Valencia, in collaboration with IFIC, organizes this Master and PhD course which will be given by Jacek Generowicz.

Strict punctuality REQUIRED.

Content of the course: 

The course starts off by covering the essentials needed to start programming in Python. Most of the material is introduced and developed in a hands-on fashion. The students are encouraged to investigate Python's behaviour for themselves, and are taught to use Python's interactive and itrospective features to maximize their ability to learn about Python from Python itself. Many of the exercises are designed to highlight the power of Python's dynamic features, and contrast them with practices seen in static languages. Background information is given about the evolution of Python in the past, and the likely direction of its development in the future. The course covers not only all basic features of the language necessary to write useful Python programs, such as built-in types, functions, classes, exceptions and modules but also explores more advanced features like higher-order programming, closures, generators, decorators, automated testing and metaprogramming. All this is done while highlighting fundamental symmetries and regularities of the language which reappear again and again, whose understanding makes it possible for programmers to become much more productive in the language.
An additionnal module on the combination of rapid-development and optimization of CPU-intensive programs (using some of the most important tools from the scientific Python programmer's toolbox: Cython, Numba, Numpy and Matplotlib) is included in this edition of the course.

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