Theories of modified gravity (Master and PhD course)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica (Campus Burjassot)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica

Campus Burjassot


The University of Valencia, in collaboration with IFIC, organizes this Master and PhD course which will be given by José Beltrán Jiménez, U. Autónoma de Madrid and IFT.

Content of the course: 

  1. Lecture 1: Brief review of general considerations for modified gravity theories.
  2. Lecture 2: Scalar-tensor and related theories. Frames in modified gravity.
  3. Lecture 3: Vector-tensor theories and (bi)-gravity theories.
  4. Lecture 4: Born-Infeld theories
  5. Lecture 5: Cosmological applications of Born-Infeld theories.
Tutorial on xAct and GrTensor: 
These tutorials are intended to be an introduction from scratch on the packages xAct ( for Mathematica and GrTensor ( for Maple. The latter is developed for efficient coordinate computations in tensor calculus, while the former allows intrinsic computations as well. I will give the basic notions (including installation guidance) on how to use them by working out some explicit examples.


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