Seminars IFIC

#Student Seminar: About neutrino oscillations, neutrino masses and their ordering

por Christoph Andreas Ternes (IFIC)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario (Universe)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario


In this talk I will first give a short introduction on the theory of neutrino oscillations. I will derive the formulae to compute neutrino oscillations in vacuum, as well as in matter. I will proceed talking about the recent global fit of neutrino oscillations we performed in 1708.01186, explaining all the experiments included in the fit and the results obtained in our simulations. Finally I will talk about (preliminary) results on preferences of the neutrino mass ordering from combining oscillation data with neutrinoless double beta decay data and cosmological data.
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