Seminars IFIC

Severo Ochoa Seminar: Inflation from Dynamical Scale Symmetry Breaking or Quantum Anomalies and the Cosmological Constant Problem

por Nikolaos Mavromatos (King's College and IFIC)

Seminar Room (1.1.1) (IFIC)

Seminar Room (1.1.1)


Paterna (Valencia)
Inflation may explain several important features of the (observable) Universe but, like any other subject related to our origins, lacks a well established fundamental explanation. ``What and why and at which scale does inflation happen?'' are some of the relevant questions to be asked. On the other hand, for the past twenty years or so, we are accustomed to another mysterious fact of the Universe. We live today in an era which seems (according to a plethora of observations) to be characterised by a tiny cosmological ``constant''. ``Is the cosmological constant another fundamental constant of (gravitational) physics, or is it a derived scale through some underlying microscopic theory of (quantum) gravity''? ``Why is its current value so tiny compared with any other scale in fundamental physics we are accustomed to?'' It is also natural to ask the question whether this fundamental Cosmological Constant ``Problem'' is related to the Nature of Inflation. In the talk I will make the claim that this might happen, if one obtains inflation from a breaking of scale symmetry dynamically or through quantum anomalies. I will try to give a concrete example of this, via a simple system: pure four space-time dimensional supergravity (SUGRA) without matter.
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