Colloquia IFIC - Severo Ochoa

Molecular nanoscience: from functional molecules to molecular devices

por Prof. Eugenio Coronado Miralles (ICMol)



The molecular region of Nanoscience is still a region that has been scarcely explored in Nanoscience, maybe because the larger structural and electronic complexity of molecules, compared with that found in simpler atom-based nano-objects and nanostructures, make them more difficult to study and manipulate at the nanoscale with available instrumental techniques. Albeit, it is in this molecular region where molecular chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers working in Nanosciences may find the best opportunities to interact and to converge. In this talk I will use the magnetic molecular systems to illustrate how molecular nanoscience can be useful to design new functional molecules, materials and devices that can be of interest in emerging areas such as quantum computing [1, 2] or molecular spintronics [3, 4].

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[4] Design of Molecular Spintronics Devices Containing Molybdenum Oxide as Hole Injection Layer. J. P. Prieto-Ruiz, S. G. Miralles, N. Großmann, M. Aeschlimann, M. Cinchetti, H. Prima-García, E. Coronado, Adv. Electron. Mater. 2017, 3, 1600366.
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