17-21 July 2017
Santiago de Compostela, Facultade de Química
Europe/Madrid timezone

The quest towards supramolecular networks from first principles

19 Jul 2017, 16:05
Aula Matemáticas (Facultad de Química (USC))

Aula Matemáticas

Facultad de Química (USC)

Oral parallel contribution Molecular Physics at the Edge Molecular Physics at the Edge II


Dr. Bruno Martínez Haya (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)


How far into molecular complexity can we get from first principles? Can we predict specific recognitions between molecules from the computation of the relevant conformations and interactions? Is it then possible to forsee how assemblies of molecules spontaneously conform functional nanostructures and materials? Will we ever understand the behaviour of living organisms from the investigation of their molecular building blocks? Should we even dare? These are challenging but central questions in the scientific activity of chemical physicist. A modest illustration of this topic can be obtained from an overview of the incursions of our group into molecular recognition and supramolecular aggregation over the last decade.

Primary author

Dr. Bruno Martínez Haya (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)


Dr. Juan Ramón Avilés-Moreno (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)

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