17-21 July 2017
Santiago de Compostela, Facultade de Química
Europe/Madrid timezone

Ultrafast broadband transient absorption spectroscopy of a single molecule

19 Jul 2017, 15:45
Aula Matemáticas (Facultad de Química (USC))

Aula Matemáticas

Facultad de Química (USC)

Oral parallel contribution Molecular Physics at the Edge Molecular Physics at the Edge II


Prof. Niek F. van Hulst (ICFO - the Institute of Photonic Sciences)


We present the first ultrafast transient absorption of a single molecule. Specifically, we trace the femtosecond evolution of excited electronic state spectra of single molecules over hundreds of nanometers of bandwidth at room temperature. The non-linear ultrafast response of the single molecule is probed using a broadband laser in an effective 3-pulse scheme with fluorescence detection. A first excitation pulse is followed by a phase-locked de-excitation pulse-pair, providing spectral encoding while preserving 25 fs temporal resolution. This experimental realization of true single molecule transient absorption spectroscopy demonstrates that two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of single molecules is experimentally in reach.

Primary author

Prof. Niek F. van Hulst (ICFO - the Institute of Photonic Sciences)

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