Colloquia IFIC

Gravitational Waves: The novel messengers of the Universe

by Prof. Alicia Sintes (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Salón de Actos Edificio de Cabecera (Parc Científic)

Salón de Actos Edificio de Cabecera

Parc Científic

The last century has witnessed tremendous progress thanks to the observation of electromagnetic radiation. Gravitational waves, ripples in the space-time, are now the new messengers that allow us to open a new window to the Cosmos that could revolutionize our understanding of the Universe in which we live. The gravitational waves were detected, directly, for the first time by the LIGO detectors on the 14 September 2015. These waves came to Earth from a catastrophic event in the distant Universe. This confirms an important prediction of the theory of General Relativity of Albert Einstein from 1915 and opens an unprecedented new window in the Cosmos. This talk will explain what are these gravitational waves and how was the first discovery of Advanced LIGO, and our participation in this detection.
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