Colloquia IFIC

Towards creating a universe in the laboratory

by Prof. Valery A. Rubakov (Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

Salón de Actos - Edificio de Cabecera (Parc Científic)

Salón de Actos - Edificio de Cabecera

Parc Científic

There is an old theoretical theory question of whether a universe like ours can in principle be created artificially. It actually can be posed as follows: "Are there theories in which a man-made universe is possible?" Until fairly recently it was believed that such a possibility is ruled out by Penrose' singularity theorem. However, the main assumption of this theorem, the Null Energy Condition, may be violated in a healthy way in a class of theories dubbed generalized Galileons. So, the situation is not hopeless. We discuss this set of issues, and towards the end propose a concrete scenario of this sort.
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