ERE2014 Almost 100 years after Einstein's revolution



ADEIT, Fundacion Universidad-Empresa de la Universidad de Valencia, Plaza Virgen de la Paz, 3 Valencia, SPAIN

The Spanish Relativity Meeting (Encuentros Realtivistas Españoles - ERE) is an international conference organized yearly by different members of the Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity (SEGRE). The 2014 edition will be hosted by the University of Valencia from the 1st to the 5th of September 2014.

The meeting will address the status of gravitation and general relativity one year before the centennial of the publication of Einstein's theory, which will be celebrated on 25th November 2015, as it was established by the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation. In particular this year's meeting will focus in three research lines: relativistic astrophysics, mathematical relativity and the interface between gravitation and quantum theory.

The meeting will take place at the ADEIT building and will consist in plenary talks given by invited speakers during the morning sessions and contributed talks in the afternoon distributed in topical parallel sessions.

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