Seminars IFIC

La Trobada: Tensor networks: Trying to crack the quantum code of nature

by Daniel Alsina (Universidad de Barcelona)

Sala Seminarios 1.1.1 (IFIC)

Sala Seminarios 1.1.1


Paterna, Valencia
One of the current biggest challenges in physics is to create efficient methods to simulate Hamiltonians: the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics are known since long ago, but the crucial understanding of the collective behavior of interacting elementary particles and of emerging phenomena relies on our ability to approximate or simulate the corresponding equations. For instance, the study of the role of the Hubbard model in high Tc superconductivity is greatly hindered by our limited computational power.

Tensor networks are a tool to focus on this problem: since real hamiltonians and wavefunctions in nature are generally a very small subgroup of all those that are mathematically possible, they target only that relevant subgroup and provide a way to compute expectation values in a much more efficient way than the standard one. This talk will provide a very general introduction on this topic.
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