Seminars IFIC

Lepton flavor violation in the scotogenic model

by Avelino Vicente (Université de Liège)

Sala de Juntas. 1001-Baja-B-2 (IFIC)

Sala de Juntas. 1001-Baja-B-2


I will discuss lepton flavor violation in the scotogenic model proposed by Ma in which neutrinos acquire non-zero masses at the 1-loop level. Although some works exist in this direction, they have either focused on the radiative decay l_alpha → l_beta photon or neglected contributions beyond the photonic dipole. However, after a complete analytical and numerical study of l_alpha → 3 l_beta and muon-electron conversion in nuclei, we will show that these processes can actually have rates larger than the one for l_alpha → l_beta photon, thus providing more stringent constraints and better experimental perspectives. Other phenomenological aspects, like the viability of right-handed neutrino dark matter or the sensitivity to low energy neutrino parameters, will be discussed as well.
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