Towards realistic detection forecasts of primordial GWBs



Instituto de Física Corpuscular


The possibility to detect a gravitational wave background (GWB) of primordial origin is a holy grail of gravitational wave (GW) astronomy. Any such fundamental background will be very likely buried under a plethora of astrophysical signals, and hence its detection represents a major challenge for the next generation of GW experiments, expected to become operative by the mid 2030’s. In light of the growing interest in GWB source modelling and signal reconstruction, the present workshop has a twofold focus: i) discussing the latest advances in the theoretical modelling of GWBs, and ii) discussing statistical techniques for realistic background reconstruction on top of astrophysical signals, within the spirit of a global fit. 

It will bring together astrophysicists, cosmologists, particle physicists and statisticians, with a varied expertise from theoretical physics to data analysis, to discuss open questions on the modelling and detection of GWBs.


Organizers: Daniel G. Figueroa and Bryan Zaldívar (IFIC, Valencia)


Keynote speakers (alphabetical order):

Stanislav Babak

Chiara Caprini

Carlo Contaldi

Valerie Domcke (TBC)

Will Handley

Mark Hindmarsh

Nikolaos Karnesis

Valeriya Korol

Joanes Lizarraga

Andrea Mitridate

Mauro Pieroni





This workshop has received financial support from the MCIU with funding from the European Union NextGenerationEU (PRTR-C17.I01) and Generalitat Valenciana (GVANEXT). Projects: ASFAE COORD, and ASFAE Artemisa.


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