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Introduction to SYCL and its Potential for n_TOF

by Bernardo Bernardino Gameiro (Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC))



n_TOF meeting room

Join us for an overview of SYCL, a cutting-edge parallel programming model, and help shape its potential adoption by the n_TOF collaboration.

Location: n_TOF meeting room
Duration: 30-60 min
Time: Friday, 2024/05/31, 11:10
Zoom: n_TOF daily meeting

About SYCL

SYCL is a cutting-edge parallel programming tool that facilitates heterogeneous computing, seamlessly targeting CPU and hardware accelerators (GPU, FPGA) architectures with a single version. Attendees will appreciate the opportunity to adopt a vendor-independent approach, based on industry-wide standards and standard C++.

In an era where computational advancements are paramount in physics research, familiarity with SYCL presents a valuable asset.

Meeting objectives

  • Introduce the concept of heterogeneous computing and hardware accelerators as motivation for SYCL.
  • Showcase SYCL's capabilities, including code examples and performance benchmarks.
  • Gather feedback from participants on potential use cases within the n_TOF collaboration.
  • Discuss any concerns, worries, or questions regarding the adoption of SYCL.

Next steps

The feedback gathered during this introductory meeting will shape the discussion on SYCL adoption for n_TOF. Based on the input received, a presentation addressing the key points discussed, potential use cases, and benefits of leveraging SYCL will be prepared for the upcoming n_TOF collaboration meeting in June 2024. Depending on interest, hands-on SYCL/oneAPI workshops may be organized with certified instructors.

For reference, a similar workshop focusing on oneAPI basics was previously held at IFIC:

Organized by

Bernardo Bernardino Gameiro

  • Bernardo Bernardino Gameiro
  • Cesar Domingo-Pardo
  • matthew birch
  • Michael Bacak
  • Michele Spelta
  • Riccardo Mucciola
  • Víctor Babiano Suárez
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