Key Elements in Proposal Writing for Horizon Europe




The course titled "Key Elements in Proposal Writing for Horizon Europe" offers a comprehensive exploration of the essential components and strategies for effective proposal development within the Horizon Europe framework.

Beginning with an overview of the three pillars of Horizon Europe, the session delves into the distinct focus areas and funding priorities of each pillar. Participants will gain insights into aligning proposals with the specific challenges, impacts, outcomes, and scope outlined in funding calls, enabling them to maximize the success of their submissions.

A brief interlude provides attendees with an opportunity to network and rejuvenate before diving into the intricacies of proposal construction. The session highlights the crucial components of proposal templates, including Excellence, Impact, and Implementation sections, and elucidates evaluation criteria to guide participants in structuring proposals that meet the expectations of evaluators.

The latter part of the webinar focuses on addressing common errors, shortcomings, and pitfalls encountered in proposal writing, while also offering actionable strategies for mitigating these challenges. The session culminates in an interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to seek clarification on specific topics and engage in brief discussions with expert presenters.

In summary, this seminar equips attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary for proficient proposal writing in Horizon Europe, empowering them to develop compelling and competitive proposals.

The course will be delivered by Dr. Jitka Eryilmaz from the European Fund Management Consulting (EFMC). 


 EFMC  was founded by Raphaël de Vivans in 2014, following his career at the European Commission as an external auditor for the DG RTD. Based on the needs expressed by beneficiaries when Raphaël was in contact with them at the European Commission, EFMC has aimed to provide them support with Horizon grants by ensuring the liability of their costs and having the optimal administration thanks to trainings and support services.

Established in Estonia, the company has grown since then, hiring new senior experts from different European countries. A proposal writing support service has been opened in 2018 to maximize chances of success of applicants.

Today, EFMC has a strongly bound team of experts who meet regularly and are in constant contact to provide the best quality of support to Pillar 2 RIA/IA/CSA, ERC, MSCA, EIC and EIT current and future beneficiaries.

They provide high-level quality services and have helped more than a thousand organizations worldwide, universities, research centers, private companies, ministries, towns, NGOs, etc.

  • Agustín Sánchez Losa
  • Ahmed Ayad
  • Alessandro Renzi
  • Alex Vano-Vinuales
  • Alexandre Pombo
  • Alfonso Andres Garcia Soto
  • Amandine Le Brun
  • Amelia Drew
  • Anabella Araudo
  • Andrea Maselli
  • Andrei Constantin
  • Angelo Caravano
  • Anna Kyvernitaki - Synani
  • Arantxa Ruiz Martinez
  • Ariel Tarifeno-Saldivia
  • Arthur Loureiro
  • Arunima Bhattacharya
  • Avik Banerjee
  • Benjamin Wallisch
  • Bradley Kavanagh
  • Bruno Bucciotti
  • Carlos Bouthelier-Madre
  • Carlos Marinas
  • Carlos Nunez
  • Carmelo Evoli
  • Christopher Burger-Scheidlin
  • Christopher Eckner
  • David Martínez
  • Davide Piras
  • Denis Werth
  • Denys Malyshev
  • Dimitrios Kantzas
  • Domenik Ehlert
  • Elena Pinetti
  • Elisa Todarello
  • Emmanouil Zapartas
  • Ester Ruiz
  • Etienne Camphuis
  • Federica Guidi
  • Federica Pompa
  • Felix Kling
  • Felix Yu
  • Francesca Scarcella
  • Francesco Sorrenti
  • Francisco Salesa
  • Gabriele Franciolini
  • Georg Trenkler
  • Georgios Loukes Gerakopoulos
  • Gergely Dálya
  • Giulia Fumagalli
  • Giuseppe La Vacca
  • Gregorio Carullo
  • Guadalupe Cañas Herrera
  • Helena Kolesova
  • Ioannis Gialamas
  • Isabella Carucci
  • Ivan Martinez Soler
  • Ivonne Zavala
  • Javier Carrón Duque
  • Javier Rubio
  • Jesus Torrado
  • Joachim Kopp
  • Johannes Noller
  • John Antoniadis
  • Jorge Terol Calvo
  • Jose Manuel Carmona
  • José Zurita
  • Julia Djuvsland
  • Julia Vogel
  • Khun Sang Phukon
  • Kornelija Passek-K.
  • Laura Olivera Nieto
  • Laura Sagunski
  • Lennart Balkenhol
  • Ling-Xiao Xu
  • Lorenzo Pizzuti
  • Loris Del Grosso
  • Loris Del Grosso
  • Marc Klinger
  • Maria Chernyakova
  • Maria Moreno Llácer
  • Maria Vittoria Garzelli
  • Marina Migliaccio
  • Martin Sahlén
  • Matteo Bonetti
  • Matteo Braglia
  • Matthijs van der Wild
  • Michael Unger
  • Michelle Tsirou
  • Minh Phan
  • Moinul Hossain Rahat
  • Motoko Fujiwara
  • Nicholas Loutrel
  • Nicola Tamanini
  • Nicolas Lang
  • Nikki Arendse
  • Nikolina Šarčević
  • Nils Schöneberg
  • Noemi Frusciante
  • Obinna Umeh
  • Oksana Iarygina
  • Oleh Petruk
  • Omar Darwish
  • Ornella Juliana Piccinni
  • Pablo Bosch
  • Pablo Quilez Lasanta
  • Pasquale Dario Serpico
  • Petter Taule
  • Pietro Conzinu
  • Pranjal Trivedi
  • Rakhi Mahbubani
  • Rasmi Hajjar
  • Rebecca Canning
  • Renann Lipinski Jusinskas
  • Riccardo Buscicchio
  • Robert Brose
  • Robin Turnbull
  • Sadra Jazayeri
  • Salvatore Raucci
  • Samuel Witte
  • Samuel Young
  • Santiago Casas
  • Sarah Libanore
  • Sebastian Cespedes
  • Sebastian Franchino-Viñas
  • Serguei Vorobiov
  • Seshadri Nadathur
  • Shin'ichiro Ando
  • Silvia Galli
  • Silvia Gasparotto
  • Silvia Pascoli
  • Silvia Pla Garcia
  • Simone Anzellini
  • Sonja Orrigo
  • Stefan Lederer
  • Stefano Gariazzo
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Sulona Kandhai
  • Sveva Castello
  • Taj Jankovič
  • Takeshi Kobayashi
  • Tanja Petrushevska
  • Tessa Baker
  • Thejs Brinckmann
  • Tomas Andrade
  • Vincent Cecchini
  • Viviana Gammaldi
  • Ximo Poveda
  • Zvonimir Vlah
    • 09:00 09:10
    • 09:10 09:50

      • Pillar 1, Pillar 2, Pillar 3
      • Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence actions

    • 09:50 10:05

      Aligning Your Proposal with the Challenge, Impacts, Outcomes, and Scope

    • 10:05 10:20
    • 10:20 10:30
      coffe break 10m
    • 10:30 11:30

      An Overview of Excellence, Impact, and Implementation Sections with Examples

    • 11:30 12:30
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