Student seminars

#StudentSeminar: New Physics in Hadronic Tau Decays

by David Díaz Calderón (IFIC (CSIC-UV))

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario (Universe)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario



Abstract: In this talk, I will explore the effects of new physics in a specific type of process: hadronic tau decays. To do this, I will begin introducing the concept of Effective Field Theories and I will show how we can use them to parametrize new physics. With this at hand, I will show how observables related to hadronic tau decays are modified by new physics. Taking into account experimental data, we will be able to put constrains on the new physics parameters.


(Theoretical Physics)

Organized by

Omar Medina

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