bottom mass analysis


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Attendees: Seidai, Ryo, Marcel, Hitoshi and myself (Adrián)


--------------------------------------------------------------General comments:

It seems that Hitoshi will be able to travel to Spain at the end of August.

We decided that the dates proposed by Seidai (6th Sept - 5th Oct) are suitable for everyone.

  • Marcel has to modify the reservation for the student hostel
  • What about the reservation of an office or some space to work at IFIC  ? I can do it if it is not already started.

----------------------------------------------------------------Seidai's talk

In general, we need to clarify and crosscheck the numbers (efficiencies, purities, signal selection eff, bkg rejection efficiency, etc)

Slide 5 issue: it is due to the fact the the jet index on the ntuple is not associated to the fact of the jet being originated by a b-quark or an bbar-quark but the index is decided by the value of the b-tagging.

Slides 10, 11. We are mostly interested in the middle plots

  • Normalized as migration matrices: i.e. every column normalized to 1.

Slides 12-13: we need to clarify what selection and signal definition are used... we expect R3bq of ~0.96, why such disagreement? What are the values for R3bq reco?

----------------------------------------------------------------Next steps

Technical Meeting planned for the 21st July.

Do we want to have one meeting the 28th? Depends on availability.



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    • 09:30 09:35
      Introduction 5m
      Speaker: Marcel Vos (IFIC Valencia)
    • 09:40 09:55
      Full simulation results 15m
      Speakers: Adrian Irles (LAL - CNRS/IN2P3), Seidai Tarafune (U. Tohoku)
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