FunQCD 2020: from first principles to effective theories

Lise Meitner Hall of the Faculty of Physics (Campus Burjassot)

Lise Meitner Hall of the Faculty of Physics

Campus Burjassot

Facultat de Física - Building C, ground floor. Calle Dr. Moliner, 50 46100

The aim of the workshop is to discuss properties of QCD, from first principles-such as functional methods and lattice simulations-to effective theories. Topics to be addressed include the strongly correlated infrared structure of QCD, such as confinement and mass generation, and the phase structure of gauge theories at nonzero temperature and density.

Local Organizer: 

  • Joannis Papavassiliou - University of Valencia, Spain 

Organizing Committee:                          

  • A. Cristina Aguilar -  University of Campinas,  Brazil
  • Jan M. Pawlowski  - University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Rob Pisarski    -  Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA






Joannis Papavassiliou
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