12-14 December 2018
Casa de la Ciencia del CSIC
Europe/Madrid timezone

Production of Magnetic Monopoles Via Photon Fusion and search results from MoEDAL experiment

14 Dec 2018, 10:30


Arka Santra (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular)


If the Dirac magnetic monopoles exist, they can be probed in the collider experiments. In the previous searches, only the Drell-Yan production mechanism of magnetic monopoles was used to look for these particles. But the cross-section of the photon-fusion production mechanism of the magnetic monopoles is higher than that of the Drell-Yan production mechanism at the LHC energy. I will discuss the photon-fusion production mechanism of spins 0, 1⁄2 and 1 magnetic monopoles using MadGraph event generator. I will also compare the kinematic and angular distributions of magnetic monopoles having those three spins. The comparison between Drell-Yan process and photon-fusion process will also be shown (from Baines et. al. arXiv:1808.08942 [hep-ph]). I will discuss the monopole search results of MoEDAL experiment (from Physics Letters B, 782, (2018), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physletb.2018.05.069) where this experiment has set the strongest limits on monopoles of high magnetic charge.

Primary author

Arka Santra (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular)

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